QwikSource provides a large array of custom and standard Cellular, Wi-Fi, GPS, Combo and 915 MHz antennas.

Click on the antenna images below for QwikSource Datasheets:

Cellular Antennas:

 QS-ECH-401 QS-EEH-401  QS-EEN-402 QS-EEN-502 QS-EHN-401 QS-EPH-403 QS-EPH-502 QSRD-0005-AP-(E) QSRD-0005-AP-S QSRD-0015-AGDP QSV-0020 JQV-0005  EEN-404 3G EHN-201EEH-L01QS-EHN-401

Cellular LTE Antennas:


Wi-Fi Antennas:

QS-EEH-401-W QS-EHN-106 QSRD-0001-2450 QS-EEN-106 QSV-0020-2.4

GPS Antennas:

QSGPS-0002 QSGPS-0050 QSGPS-0020QSGPS-0015QSGPS-0013 QS-GU-158

Combo Antennas:


915 MHz Antennas:

QSV-0020-915-008 QS-ECH-401   QS-EEN-112-915 QS-915-R4



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